The way to the top requires a high level of expertise, professionalism, passion and personal courage. In this country, it is a challenge that still too few women take up. When problems arise, many women resign, give up or get out.

To change this, we have launched the female executive development program ANNA+Cie. We prepare talented female executives with aspirations, inspiration and vision for the challenges of top management. And we achieve this through a cross-mentoring and executive training program.

The ANNA+Cie program has three key elements:

  • An individually selected mentor supports the ANNAs during the entire duration of the program
  • In four multi-day work sessions the ANNAs come together with world-class trainers and executives from home and abroad, business and science
  • The ANNA+Cie program is the basis for a lifelong personal and professional network with an active Alumni Club

We intentionally do not compete with corporate internal talent management activities or business school programs. ANNA+Cie complements these programs. We work completely independently and autonomously.

ANNA+Cie is a non-profit organisation and also accepts candidates working in an honorary capacity.

„Women don’t want promotion because of their gender, but based on their personal qualifications and abilities.“

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