Each ANNA program extends over twelve months and includes four multi-day seminars, the “modules”. In these workshops, participants working with selected female and male trainers in a practically-oriented manner professionalise their management role and strengthen their personal and entrepreneurial success profile.

Special attention is given here to practical preparation and an understanding of working on management and supervisory board committees.

  • „Leadership Development”: In the first module, management is examined against the backdrop of responsibility for oneself, the employees, the organisation and society. From different perspectives, well-directed stimuli are provided to facilitate reflection on the participants’ own leadership behaviour.
  • „Personality”: The Personality module is essentially about a deeper understanding of one’s own personality. To better integrate the “known”, re-evaluate past experiences, discover unknown facets of oneself and gain motivating development perspectives.
  • „Execution in Todays Environment“: In this module we focus on the informal structures of the top management level in the company. On the one hand, the subject of communication is examined: how do I conceive and convey information in the context of, for example, staff meetings, presentations, etc.? A media training is also carried out. On the other hand, the rules of the game at the top executive level are examined and the importance, impact and management of networks is illustrated.
  • „Critical Factors for Future Execution“: The final module deals with the major trends that characterise strategic business management in the 21st century. The aim is to open and sharpen the focus on perspectives for future developments in companies and their environment.

Hand-picked guest speakers from a university background as well as from the fields of the economy, politics and culture accompany the four modules. Special attention is paid to a balanced combination of individuals with a broad range of experience and professionalism from the widest variety of industries and areas:

Leadership, Personality, Entrepreneurship and Change Management.


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