Mentors play a central role at ANNA+Cie : op decision-makers with excellent management skills who we were able to attract for this specific task. We pay particular attention to the evaluation of mentors regarding their professional competence and personal suitability. As a result of the findings, we then make the match between mentor and mentee to form an ideally suited pair.


The mentors have held positions in top management in Germany or in other European countries, for example, as Board Director or Managing Director, or are also active as Supervisory Board members after a successful management career. A mentor may also be named from a participating company. She / he is then put through an assessment of personal suitability for ANNA+Cie. Cross mentoring for us basically means that female / male mentors are individually selected for and networked with mentees from different organisations, from a non-competing sector of industry and in accordance with very specific criteria and competencies.

Experience gained in top management, but above all their personal skills, make the mentors unique sparring partners for the female participants. In an intense exchange, the experienced managers give their mentees insights and also impart the skills to operate successfully at the management or supervisory board level.

Mentors and mentees ideally meet in person at least every six weeks.


By dealing with the life situation of ambitious young women, the mentors themselves, and thus also the companies, benefit directly from this exchange. Thus, a year is so much more than simply just a year. The encounter with the „ANNAs“ can be an incentive to advance the cause of a timely, gender-based management culture in their own companies.

Since 2012 ANNA+Cie has recruited initiative-inspiring mentors from different industries, family companies, listed companies, NGOs, as well as pro-government areas. They share their passion and expertise with the next generation.

For the mentees it is a unique opportunity of observation, of exchange, of reflection in close co-operation with the experienced executives.

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