The ANNA program receives up to twelve women aged from 35 to 50 years. All female participants demonstrate a first class education of an international nature. They come from different companies / organisations where they have demonstrated their potential as future high performers.

In the cross-mentoring a mentee is networked individually with a mentor from a different organization, of a non-competitive industry, according to very specific criteria and skills. The period of cooperation within the framework of the cross-mentoring means for the highly-talented female executives to define their future, to gain perspectives, to improve their use of the tools of the trade and the unique opportunity to work with a top executive as a mentor.

It is a time of growth, of learning, of questioning, of experience. A year in which the seeds for a new network are planted. A year that inspires a lifetime.

The program begins with a kick-off meeting and is rounded off by a festive closing event for all mentors and mentees. There is an one-and-half-day annual network meeting for all former mentees at different locations.

„Only those who grow personally also grow professionally.“

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